What Are The Best Candies To Freeze Dry

Freeze drying at low pressure enhances the crunchiness and taste of candy. Gummy bears and Skittles, with their relatively high moisture content, are ideal for freeze drying as they quickly transform in texture under vacuum and heat. The unique texture and enhanced flavors of freeze-dried candies attract both experimental snackers and traditional candy lovers, contributing to their broad popularity.

Best Candies for Freeze Drying

High Moisture Candies

  • Gummy Bears:  Gummy bears refer to the best candy to freeze dry because of their high moisture content. It makes gummy bears crunchier and less mushy for better tastes. Due to water removal, their texture and flavor intensify for an intriguing treat.
  • Skittles: Freeze drying changes Skittles' texture. These candies start chewy but turn crunchy for a new taste. Because the candies' exterior covering cracks and the interior substance becomes airy and light, each taste is more noticeably apprehended. Skittles demonstrates how freeze-drying can make a classic candy novel tasty.
  • Starbursts: Starbursts also rank among the best candy to freeze dry. The crisper candy retains its rich flavors and adds a crunchiness many like. Because the candy expands and solidifies less densely than chewy, it has this crunch.
  • Salt Water Taffy: Freeze-dried Salt Water Taffy changes radically. Freeze-drying converts its elastic, chewy feel into a light, airy candy that dissolves easily. It improves the eating experience and generates a melt-in-your-mouth feeling, unlike the traditional taffy.

Moderate to Low Moisture Candies

  • Sour Patch Kids: Freeze drying works for Sour Patch Kids, which taste tart and then sweet. The candy's gooey base dries out for a brittle, crumbly feel. The sour flavor intensifies for a better taste. It gives them a unique snack that is different from their chewier predecessor.
  • Milk Duds: Milk Duds are a freeze-drying anomaly. Due to their oil content, the chocolate covering remains the same, but the caramel within swells and becomes light and crisp. It lends this confection a fresh twist while contrasting the crunchy core with the softer shell. The caramel transition shows how freeze-drying may creatively modify sweet ingredients.

Candies That Do Not Freeze Dry Well

Pure Chocolate

Pure chocolate isn't the best candy to freeze dry. High oil content is the cause. Oil does not evaporate during freeze-drying, unlike water. Chocolate lacks the transformational crunch of freeze-dried candies, so its texture and structure remain intact. Chocolates with stable cocoa butter, the prime fat, retain their creamy texture. 

Jelly Beans and Hard Candies

Low moisture content makes jelly beans and hard candies poor freeze-drying options. Freeze-drying candy with little water content doesn't modify its structure since it removes wetness to make it crunchy. So, freeze-drying them won't change their texture like moister candies. Freeze-drying fails to provide the bright, crisp quality in hard candies with crystallized sugar and flavorings.

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