About Us

 My name is Tonghu Jiang, founder of Stay Fresh Technology LLC, a Los Angeles based small business. The goal of this business is simple, to provide affordable and reliable freeze drying solutions to homes and small businesses.

Like many others, I have a passion for food prepping and preservation. As home freeze dryers are increasingly popular, I was surprised to see a lack of market competition in the market. We observed that commercial freeze dryers are simply too expensive for average consumers, and on the other hand, home freeze dryers have a lot of space for improvement. But why can't we have an affordable mini industrial freeze dryer for home use? 

We decided to develop a prototype and conduct freeze drying researches in the garage of our Los Angeles home.  We spent significant amount of our own money and devoted full time to develop and optimize the prototype. We demonstrated that an affordable and reliable freeze dryer is achievable. Our research of freeze drying resulted in an innovative freeze drying algorithm. We applied for a utility patent in 2020 and it was examined and soon approved in early 2022. 

As a first generation American, I'm proud and grateful and this business is one step to my American Dream.


Tonghu Jiang's bio.

I received an PhD degree from Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. I did research on lithium ion batteries through computer simulation during my PhD program. Worked in the banking industry for a few years after graduation. My true passion is in mechanical and electrical engineering. I'm the inventor and current owner of U.S. patent US11,287,185B1 for an automated freeze drying method.