About Us

Stay Fresh Technology is a Los Angeles-based company founded by Tonghu Jiang. Our primary goal is to provide affordable and reliable freeze drying solutions for both homes and small businesses. All Stay Fresh freeze dryers are designed, engineered, and tested in our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California.

Driven by our passion for food preservation, we noticed a lack of competition in the home freeze dryer market. Commercial freeze dryers are too expensive for the average consumer, while home freeze dryers have significant room for improvement. We questioned why we couldn't have an affordable mini industrial freeze dryer that would cater to the needs of both home and small business users.

Determined to find a solution, we developed a prototype and conducted freeze drying research in our Los Angeles home garage since early 2018. We dedicated ourselves fully to the project and proved that an affordable and reliable freeze dryer is achievable. Our research resulted in an innovative freeze drying algorithm, leading to the approval of our utility patent (US11,287,185B1) in early 2022.

Our founder, Tonghu Jiang, holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, where he conducted research on lithium-ion batteries through computer simulation. Although he previously worked in the banking industry, his true passion lies in mechanical and electrical engineering. Tonghu is the inventor and owner of the U.S. patent for an automated freeze drying method.

We appreciate your interest in our story and look forward to providing you with innovative freeze drying solutions.