Freeze Dryer (7 Shelf) with Industrial Pump

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Model features:

  • Patented smart freeze drying algorithm.
  • Multiple drying methods for beginners and advanced users.
  • Motorized ball valve for oil contamination prevention.
  • RTD temperature sensors for drying assistance.
  • Industrial grade glass-to-metal seal feed-through.
  • Solid state relay for the heater. All replaceable relays.
  • Stainless steel/aluminum construction for major parts.
  • Independent vacuum valve for pressure normalization.
  • Candy mode makes freeze-drying sweets easy and quick.
  • Stainless steel drain line. 
Model specifications:
  • Ice capacity 12lb.
  • Process up to 18lb of food in one batch.
  • Main drying time 16 - 30 hours for 8lb of food.
  • Spacing between shelves 1.2 in. 
  • Include 7 trays as one set. Tray size 8 in. x 20 in. x 0.75 in.
  • Shelf temperature setting range -50F to 150F.
  • Freeze dryer weighs (vacuum pump excluded) 170lb.
  • Freeze dryer dimension W 20 in. x D 26 in. x H 31 in.
  • Freeze dryer cold trap (bottom of chamber) -40F.
  • Vacuum pump weighs 55 lb. 
  • Vacuum pump dimension W 6.5 in. x D 20 in. x H 9 in.
  • Oil mister filter dimension W 4 in. x D 4 in. x H 6 in.
  • Vacuum pump flow rate 7.2CFM.

Installation requirement:

  • A dedicated 15/20 Amp electrical outlet is recommended.

Free Accessories:

  • An oil filter, an impulse sealer, and 50 mylar bags.


       The freeze dryer is shipped in two boxes on a pallet: a 180lb freeze dryer box of size 25"x29"x36", a 60lb vacuum pump box, and a 10lb accessory box. The pallet size 40"x26"x41". The entire shipment weighs about 280lb. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Brandy s.

Worth the wait.
Worked right out of box did not have to do anything.

Trent M.
Stay fresh v Harvest Right

I love my new Stay Fresh FD. Works flawlessly. No more vacuum errors, added time and countless other issues that I had with the HR. The Stay Fresh takes about half the time to FD a larger amount than the Harvest Right. Better Quality by far. Pic is Apricots

Dillan P.
Freeze dryer 7 shelf

Everything is going good with the dryer. Cleaning the shelves is tough they are close together. Other than that everything has been good.

David Y.
great machine

top quality, and after sales support.

Amazing product with incredible customer service!

You won’t find a better freeze dryer company. High quality product with unmatched customer service! I highly recommend this company!