Every household needs to have some amount of food in storage as natural disasters, such as global pandemic, earthquake, tornados, etc.,  come with little or no warning. 

Stocking up the right types and amount of foods will help relieve your stress during the emergency. You want to store foods that don’t require refrigeration as there may be power outages following a disaster.  Freeze dried food is the best option taking all of the considerations into account:

High nutritional value. In particular, nutrients such as vitamin A and vitamin C start to break down fast in traditional dehydrators due to heating, while they are almost kept intact during freeze-drying.  

Long shelf life.  The freeze-drying process removes most moisture from foods, as a result they are lightweight and are reported to have exceptional shelf life anywhere from 5 years up to 25 years.  

No refrigeration required. Moisture in freeze-dried foods is extremely low such that they do not require refrigeration to remain fresh, though the shelf life would be longer if they're stored in a low temperature condition.

With the StayFresh freeze dryer it is very convenient to prepare freeze dried foods. Just prepare your favorite meals, press a few buttons, wait for 24-40 hours depending on the amount of food, and your freeze-dried food will be ready to be packed in pouches!