Health Benefits Of Freeze Dried Coffee

For many of us to get through the day, coffee is an unconditional companion and a great morning beverage. These days, coffee is available in many forms, including ground coffee and instant coffee, but the type of instant coffee that has become the hallmark of modernity is “freeze dried coffee.”

You may have noticed the word “freeze dried” on the coffee packaging, but have you wondered what does it mean? This article features important information about freeze dried coffee and what are its health benefits. Let’s find out more.

What Is Freeze Dried Coffee?

Freeze dried coffee is a form of instant coffee that goes through a special process to preserve its properties. Currently, freeze dried coffee is considered the top quality coffee because it has better flavor and aroma unlike spray-dried coffee.

Freeze drying process was introduced in 1960 to make instant coffee much fresher in terms of their flavor and aroma. To make freeze dried coffee, the coffee mixture is frozen below its triple point (the lowest temperature), and then is sliced into granules. To prevent the mixture from losing its quality characteristics, the mixture must be vacuum packed.

The granules, are being sliced, are dried at a low temperature in a freeze dryer. The freeze drying process results in compact flavor, smooth, and aromatic coffee with a long shelf life. Freeze dried coffee is considered superior because it is preserved with the aroma and flavor of original coffee beans. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Freeze Dried Coffee?

 The following are some health benefits of freeze dried coffee backed by evidence:

  1. It is Good for Gut Microbiome:

Research has found that coffee contains polyphenols, which interact with intestinal microbiota and act as prebiotics. By acting as prebiotics, polyphenols in freeze dried coffee inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria present in the gut.

  1. It Reduces “Bad” Cholesterol Levels:

In a study, freeze dried coffee was shown to increase the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol regardless of the diet type. Coffee is known to modify the lipid metabolism and reduces the levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of many chronic conditions.

  1. It Has Anti-Cancer Properties:

In one study, antitumor effects of freeze dried coffee were studied on human breast cell lines. The study reported that caffeine and the polyphenol content in coffee is responsible for its anticancer properties, which provide defense against breast cancer.

  1. It Can Help Induce Weight Loss:

Freeze dried coffee is known to have antioxidant properties, which make it a perfect substrate for inducing weight loss. One study reported that freeze dried coffee promotes the activity of antioxidant activities and boosts metabolism, thus promoting weight loss. Caffeine in coffee also plays a significant role in burning fat and preventing weight gain.

The Bottom Line:

Being everyone’s morning best friend, freeze dried coffee has now become popular because of its preserved, quality characteristics. To be named as freeze dried coffee, coffee mixture is frozen to the lowest temperature and then dried at a low temperature in a freeze dryer. Freeze dried coffee potentially possesses many health benefits, including weight loss, improved gut health, increased HDL levels, and reduced risk of cancer.


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