Freeze Dried Chicken Liver = The Best Dog Treat

Freeze-dried chicken liver is the best dog treat since it contains high protein and retains important nutrients without denaturing heat-sensitive vitamins. Indeed, the freeze drying technique is better for dog health because it has an extended useful life and is scrumptious without preservatives. Consequently, recognizing these treats' advantages helps improve a dog's nutrition and health.

What is Freeze Dried Chicken Liver?

Freeze-dried chicken liver preserves proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They are made by the so called 'freeze drying' process in a freeze dryer.  The freeze dryer freezes the chicken liver first and then sublimate the moisture to vapor at decreased pressure. The freezing process prevents ice crystal breakage, which preserves the texture and nutritional bioavailability of freeze-dried chicken liver. Thus, it is a high-protein, low-fat treat with a lengthy shelf life that is suitable for human and pets.

Health Benefits for Dogs

Supports Muscle Growth and Repair

Freeze-dried chicken liver offers quality protein for muscle repair and synthesis. It includes all necessary amino acids, including lysine and leucine, for tissue repair. Its high Vitamin B12 content aids red blood cell synthesis and muscle oxygenation for better recuperation and strength.

Enhances Coat Health and Shine

Freeze-dried chicken liver is also rich in omega-6 fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid, for skin and coat health. These fatty acids produce ceramides, which keep skin moist. High biotin content promotes a lustrous, healthy coat and lowers dryness and dandruff.

Promotes Overall Vitality and Energy

This best dog treat also contains iron and zinc, which boosts energy and vigor. Zinc boosts metabolism and immunological function, while iron forms hemoglobin for better oxygen transfer. Dogs who eat freeze-dried chicken liver are healthier and more energetic.

Why Dogs Love Freeze Dried Chicken Liver

  • Appealing Taste and Aroma: Sublimation eliminates water without affecting the volatile chemicals that give the freeze-dried chicken liver its flavor and smell. Dogs are drawn to it. So, the best dog treats for training is frozen-dried, palatable chicken liver.
  • Easy to Chew and Digest: After freeze-drying, chicken liver is light, porous, and simple for dogs to chew and digest. It protects protein structure and decreases digestive issues. The freeze-dried chicken liver also contains important amino acids for rebuilding muscles.
  • Suitable for Dogs of All Sizes and Ages: Soft and nutrient-dense freeze-dried chicken liver is perfect for dogs of all sizes and ages. Senior dogs and those with dental difficulties benefit from the treat's chewability. Due to its high protein content, it also provides critical nutrients in a handy manner to growing pups and active adult dogs.

Comparison with Other Dog Treats

Freeze-dried chicken liver is the best dog treat because it has a high bioavailability of vitamins A and B and iron, unlike conventional treats with chemicals and fillers. Additionally, its natural preservation process sustains protein structure to maximize digestibility. Many commercial treats are overprocessed while reducing nutrients. Even while freeze-dried chicken liver costs more upfront, its high nutritional density and lack of fillers make it cheaper for dogs to have superior nutrition per serving. It delivers maximum health benefits without additions.

How to Incorporate Freeze-Dried Chicken Liver into Your Dog's Diet

Since freeze-dried chicken liver is nutrition-dense, your dog might eat 1-2 pieces per 10 pounds of body weight 2-3 times a week to minimize nutrient imbalances. Use modest, bite-sized rewards to avoid overfeeding and retain high value throughout training. Furthermore, mix freeze-dried chicken liver with a balanced commercial food for nutritional sufficiency. Its high protein and vitamin A content complements kibble's carbs and fiber for better general health.

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