Industrial Pump Setting Up Guide

Welcome to industrial pumping – a reliable and efficient choice for your freeze-drying needs. Our industrial pump, known for its quieter operation and less frequent oil changes, offers both durability and convenience. Let's get started on setting it up!

Industrial Pump Options: 

  • Steel Wire Reinforced Hose (PVC Hose)
  • KF 25 + Stainless Steel Bellow (Stainless Steel Hose)

1. Pump Placement
  • Choosing the Ideal Location: Your industrial pump performs optimally between 50°F to 70°F. If placing it to the left of your freeze dryer, ensure ample distance for heat dispersion. Alternatively, if your setup includes a spacious table for the freeze dryer, consider situating the pump 6”-8” beneath the machine for a compact arrangement.

2. Demister Installation

  • Ball Valve Connection: Securely screw the ball valve onto the demister.
  • Demister Attachment: Mount the demister onto the vacuum pump with precision.

3. Connect Hose

  • Pump Hose Connection: Firmly attach the hose to the pump.
  • Freeze Dryer Hose Connection: Connect the other end of the hose to the freeze dryer.

4. Power Up and Get Going

  • Plug It In: Insert the power cord into the back of the machine.
  • Switch It On: Engage the power switch (‘line’ symbol for on, ‘circle’ for off). Keep the switch on throughout the freeze-drying process.
  • Open Gas Ballast Valve: Rotate the gas ballast valve counterclockwise to its fully open position, maintaining this setting during freeze drying.

5. Post-Batch Demister Oil Drainage

  • Remove Demister: Carefully detach the demister from the pump.
  • Oil Draining: Open ball valve and empty the oil into an oil filter system.
  • Reattach Demister: Secure the demister back onto the pump.

6. Pump Oil Replacement and Filtration

  • Timing: Perform this task every 30 batches or after 1000 hours of drying.
  • Draining and Filtering Oil: Follow the user manual for oil change instructions. Unlike standard oil pumps, this one lacks a ball valve for oil drainage. Use the provided hex key to gently open the drain screw and let the oil flow out.
  • Oil Replacement: Use JB Black Gold Vacuum Pump Oil, Robinair High Vacuum Pump Oil, or any vacuum pump oil with a viscosity of 40-50. Add filtered oil or new oil to the pump.

And that's it! The industrial pump's superior quality, along with its low maintenance, makes a significant improvement in your freeze-drying process. 

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