How To Defrost After a Batch Is Done

After completing a freeze-drying cycle, you might find a significant amount of ice on the chamber wall. You can start a new batch if there's not much ice and it has not started melting yet. But we always recommend customers go through the defrost cycle first before starting a new batch.

You have two ways to defrost:

1) let it defrost naturally, simply by leaving the acrylic door open. Some customers use a fan to blow air towards the chamber.

 2) hit the 'Defrost' button on the screen, to activate the heaters on the shelves and accelerate the defrost process. 

Steps to Properly Defrost Your Freeze Dryer:

Preparation Steps:

  • Remove the Food: Once freeze-drying is complete, remove all food from the chamber.

  • Set Up Drainage: Ensure the drain hose is connected to the drain pipe and positioned over a water bucket. Open the drain valve, then close the acrylic door.

Choose Your Defrost Method:

Natural Defrost:

  • Simply leave the acrylic door open to allow the chamber to defrost naturally.

Accelerated Defrost:

  • Close the acrylic door.
  • Enter Defrost Mode: Press the ‘Defrost’ button on the freeze dryer’s main menu to start the defrosting mode.
  • Adjust Settings: Set the defrost time and temperature. The default is 2 hours at 110°F. The defrosting screen will display the current shelf temperature and time elapsed.
  • Complete the Process: Once the defrost cycle completes, press the ‘Exit’ button to return to the main menu.
Ensure your machine is clean and dry before starting another batch. By following these steps, you can efficiently remove any ice buildup and prepare your freeze dryer for its next use.

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