Common Mistakes while using an Industrial Pump with a Freeze Dryer

There are some common mistakes customers encounter when operating industrial pumps. They can lead to reduced efficiency, increased downtime, and even product damage.

1. Correct Placement of the Demister and Vacuum Hose

There are two similar-looking ports on the industrial pump. It's essential to correctly install the demister and vacuum hose as demonstrated in the pictures below.

2. Proper Installation of the Demister

The demister is a essential device to help removing oil mist produced by the vacuum pump. Correct installation of the demister is vital for ensuring a good air quality in the room where your freeze dryer is working. Following are 3 common mistakes involving the demister and the ball valve on the demister.

  • It's important not to install the demister upside down.
  • Next, make sure the ball valve is installed.

  • Additionally, the ball valve needs to be closed. Only open it to drain the oil after a few runs. 

3. Using O-Rings for Sealing

Always include O-rings to ensure a proper seal for all KF25 fittings. This helps prevent leaks and maintains the efficiency of your system.

4. Keep the Pump Switch On

Before starting the freeze-drying cycle, make sure to turn on the pump switch. This allows the freeze dryer to control the pump automatically. If the switch is off, the pump will not operate during the freeze-drying process, leading to potential disruptions.

By being aware of these common mistakes and how to avoid them, you can operate your industrial pump more effectively and maintain a high-quality freeze-drying process.

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